Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The Perfect Vehicle for the Jensie Gran Fondo

Written by Jensie Gran Fondo Media Written | November 2, 2016 Photography by Various Photographers Filed in |

Many of you have asked what goes on behind to scenes to put on the Jensie Gran Fondo. One big question is how we transport everything required for the the expo and five gourmet rest stops. Partnering with Mercedes-Benz of Santa Rosa and the use of their Sprinter vans were instrumental to our success.


Studio Velo’s Sprinter is is the cornerstone of SV:Travel, providing transportation and the excellent SAG support that SV:Travel is famous for.

Moots Sprinter

The Moots Sprinter allowed mechanics to make sure Founders Club bikes were in top shape for the recovery ride.


Bicycle Brüstop lent us their Sprinter for one of the rest stops.

Mavic Sprinter

Mavic relies on their Sprinter to provide race support across the nation.