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Q & A with Bonk Breaker Co-CEO Chris Frank

Written by Jensie Gran Fondo Written | July 7, 2016 Photography by Bonk Breaker Filed in | Jensie Training
JensieGF: Chris, we are excited to partner with Bonk Breaker as the official bar on course at the Jensie Gran Fondo. We would like for our riders to get to you know and better understand what Bonk Breaker is all about. So let’s start with the basics. Tell us about the name! CMF: Great question. In short, in the sporting world “bonking” means hitting the wall. The tank’s on empty and there’s just no energy left. Jason and I initially set out to create great tasting energy bars that would provide sustained energy during competition. The goal is to help athletes fuel up their energy stores before the dreaded Bonk is ever an issue! More than anything, we just feel that the name really reflects our mission and our personality. Jensie GF: As a partner of the Jensie Gran Fondo, how can our athletes use and benefit from Bonk Breaker products? CMF: In addition to great nutrition, I think that your athletes who are new to Bonk Breaker will find that they will really enjoy the flavors we use. We currently have Energy Bars, Energy Chews, Real Hydration, and Protein Bars in our nutrition lineup. Our energy bars average about 250 calories for a 62 gram bar and are perfect to sustain about an hour of intense effort or as a between-meal snack. Bonk Breaker Protein Bars are perfect for a post-workout recovery snack and we have many of our customers use them as well as meal replacements. In other words, our lineup really covers the before, during, and after aspects of the active lifestyle.
“We use certified non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients” – CMF
Jensie GF: Bonk Breaker has built a reputation for innovative “grass roots” marketing. Can you talk about your marketing philosophy and how it relates to your partnership with the Jensie Gran Fondo? CMF: First, let me say how excited we are to partner with the Jensie Gran Fondo. Jens and the Jensie are such iconic parts of the cycling community and is a perfect fit for Bonk Breaker. We always want to find creative ways to introduce new friends to our products, and we constantly hear that the best marketing we can do is to have people take a bite! That’s really music to our ears because it reaffirms that our company is about creating the best products – not the flashiest marketing gimmicks. With that said, we actively partner with grass-roots organizations like the Jensie Gran Fondo that provide us with opportunities to fuel athletes, let them sample our products, and to personally engage with them. Jason and I love spending time at events like the Jensie because we see people’s awesome reactions when they try Bonk Breaker for the first time, but we also hear totally unfiltered feedback that helps us improve everything we do. As we always say, our athletes and customers are our most important R&D department! Jensie GF: Chris, thanks so much for your time and involvement – we’re looking forward to seeing you out on course! CMF: My pleasure – we can’t wait! Sign up to become apart of Bonk Breaker’s Club Orange Insiders to received exclusive content, like this, and discounts. Go to and get 25% OFF your first order.