Bonk Breaker Real Hydration

Stay Hydrated and Avoid the Bonk

Written by Jensie Gran Fondo Written | Mar. 24, 2017 Photography by Various Photographers Filed in | General

Northern California is famous for it’s beautiful “Indian Summer” days, and the first two years of the Jensie Gran Fondo were no different. When the sun comes out to play, one aspect of cycling becomes especially important: hydration.


Fortunately, Bonk Breaker has recently released a new great-tasting hydration line to keep you from bonking on your rides. Bonk Breaker is a company of dedicated athletes and understands that you drink hydration products to quench your thirst, replace much needed electrolytes, and give you a balanced delivery of carbs you need to fuel your journey.


Bonk Breaker Real Hydration Mix is made with real fruit, is certified organic, and loaded with electrolytes. It is the first Non-GMO Project verified and CCOF Organic product on the market that combines incredible, real food flavors with a rocket fuel nutritional profile.


Bonk Breaker Real Hydration Mix packs 350mg of electrolytes into each serving to ensure you stay hydrated on all your adventures. The best part? Real Hydration Mix comes in two delicious flavors: lemon-lime and wolfberry. Fuel your journey with Bonk Breaker!